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Review of The League Footing Academies, Fort Worth TX 2024

The Will Rogers Memorial Center hosted the Footing Academy 101 and Footing Academy Advanced on January 5th and 6th in Fort Worth, TX. this was the largest class to date with 37 students in the 101.

We want to thank Kevin Kemp and the Will Rogers Memorial Center Team for all they did to support us. "This was one of the best academies, great students and a lot of fun," said Joe LaFollette, one of the instructors at the Footing Academies.

First-time Footing Academy attendees received a valuable education. Some of the students brought samples of footing from their facilities, we gave them feedback on their footing and ideas on how they might best make changes to improve their footing. We covered the basic types of soil, moisture levels, and depths that are required based on specific disciplines.

The Footing Academy Advanced graduated 5 students as well. If you meet the qualifications to apply to the Footing Academy Advanced, please submit the application soon. We only take 6 students per academy.

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