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Serving the Growth & Best Interests of High-Performing Facilities in the Equine Industry across the U.S. & Canada

As a wide-reaching professional trade organization, the League of Agricultural and Equine Centers embraces a mission to support and promote management personnel and maintenance protocols at both American and Canadian agricultural and equine facilities. We are an indispensable resource for industry education, networking and member advocacy. 

We Can Help You & Your Facility Now

EDUCATION is a core value at the League. We offer a comprehensive education series for facility directors, managers and staff covering industry-centric subjects such as: 

  • regulatory and judicial matters
  • insurance and risk management
  • human resources
  • property and asset management
  • facility maintenance
  • waste management
  • footing standards and maintenance
  • financial and marketing strategies 
  • any many others....


Our Annual Symposium is an unmatched, comprehensive educational experience that brings together in one location facility directors, managers and their respective staff from all over North America. In a three-day format combining professional speaker presentations, facility tours, round-table discussions, network gatherings, and social engagements,  our Symposium engages various industry-specific topics and challenges and creates invaluable opportunities for attendees to discover solutions, raise questions and meet expert   


Understanding equestrian footing is imperative to success.  Provide two footing academies each year where facility managers/operators become certified in all aspects of arena footing.

Connect facilities across the US in order to share best practices, information, network, and refer business.

Assist new or renovating equine facilities by providing knowledge gathered from our members.

Partner with industry associations to keep our members up to date on the latest news, industry trends, and events.

Help students or others who are new to the industry learn about the industry.

Produce publications and manuals to continually educate all our members across the US.


A Word from A Member

I am the Business and Marketing Manager for the Georgia International Horse Park. I have participated in the League since 2004. Over the past years I have found the League has been an outstanding educational experience. While I am not necessarily hands on at our facility, I am always in the background studying numbers, examining ways to improve efficiency, searching for tools that will improve our staffs’ functionality and creative ways to serve our customers.

I feel very fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to participate in League activities throughout the years. The League has not only provided relationships with a group of the best in the industry, it has encouraged me to challenge myself to step up and strive to be the best I can be at our facility. The Georgia International Horse Park, a City of Conyers, GA-owned facility, prides itself in putting our best foot forward at all times to serve our community. Through the League, I have a reference for just about any subject needed within the industry. From consulting to manure management, the League offers expertise. I have found the symposiums to be most informative and educational, always providing information I can reference when needed and bring back to share. The forums throughout the year are excellent ways to communicate with each other and stay up to date on issues we encounter regularly.

While this overview is brief, the amount of knowledge, expertise and professional relationships gained through the League are immeasurable. We have the opportunity to experience professional presentations and network among ourselves to share true experiences that we encounter daily within our respective facilities. Through the many organizations of which I have been a member throughout the years, I feel the League is by far the most advantageous.

M. Jil Goodson, CMEC

The League of Agricultural & Equine Centers

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Aiken, South Carolina 29805


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