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               With a focus on education, networking and member advocacy, the League both provides and facilitates a broad array of valuable opportunities to its Members some of which include:

  • Annual Symposium of Members: The League’s Symposium is held annually in different destination-cities across the U.S. and features guest speakers with authority and expertise on fresh, relevant industry topics.
  • Footing Academy Courses: The League’s Footing Academy offers its courses twice annually, once in the Spring/Summer and once in conjunction with the Annual Symposium. The Academy’s course FA101: Introduction to Footing is ideal for any individual seeking to gain familiarity with basic principles of ideal footing and its development while the Advance Footing Academy is its “master class” building on the FA101 principles to deepen, expand and apply each individuals’ knowledge and active skillset as required for addressing particular arenas with varying conditions and rider-needs. Each of the Footing Academy classes provide enrollees with applicable certificates of completion, and FA404 graduates, satisfying written and performance testing requirements, receive League certification
  • Video Forums: Zoom forums every other month discussing topics important to our industry.
  • Publications & Other ManualsThe League Library includes digital copies of pertinent publications addressing equestrian sport equipment and other facility assets such as arena footing manuals, composting instruction, manure management & recycling strategies and more.

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